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It really depends on the industry but an average cost per cold lead is $2-$3.


Results vary of course but within 3 months. We encourage clients to work with us for at least 90 days because that allows us to really test what works best for your audience, get the ads optimized and analyze your entire funnel in the process.


Without reading your application, no. However, if we approve your application then 100%, yes. We only say yes to work with people we know we can help and we are looking for people with proven products & services that need killer marketing & Facebook ad strategy to get to the next level.

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We work with a select number of people in direct marketing. We make it clear that Facebook ads and funnels are not a get rich quick scheme and so as long as you are serious about building a brand and a successful business that takes work and time then we can definitely explore if we are the right fit!

How long before my strategy call?

​That depends 100% on you. Your strategy call is scheduled with our Internal Strategist as soon as you complete your intake form (which you receive as soon as you take care of your deposit and sign your client agreement). The sooner you complete your intake form, the sooner we can get your call in our calendar! A typical timeline is anywhere between 1 and 5 business days. You can see an outline of The Hirsh Enrollment Process here.

Can Emily be on the strategy session?

​Our Director of Strategy, Maria, leads our strategy sessions. She has crafted million dollar strategies for several industry ​leaders and influencers like Frank Kern, Jason Fladlien, J.J. Childers, Robert G. Allen, and partnered up for joint ventures with Mario Brown, Peter Garety, Darren Monroe, Don Wilson, Rachel Rofe, and plenty more! Emily will not be on your strategy calls, but she is updated on the progress of our clients’ accounts on our daily team huddle.

What’s Emily’s role? When does she step in with ads?

​Emily works with our Internal Strategist, Alejandra, and our senior strategists to provide big-picture​, strategic feedback on our clients’ accounts and campaigns. Our entire team works together to make sure that you have your industry’s cutting edge strategies being implemented in your ad campaigns using the Hirsh Process.

Where is the company located?

We are a fully remote team based all over the world. Most of our ads managers are based on the East coast of the US. Check out a map of our team here!


​We hire the best so that we can deliver the best. Our ads managers are constantly going through new trainings, our creative team stays up to date on the latest marketing trends within the different industries we work with – all so that we can deliver the best results for our clients. And we have consistently delivered exceptional results for major influencers like Marie Forleo, Peng Joon, Mel Robbins, Ray Higdon, Think Creative Collective​, and others! When you work with us, you’re not just hiring an agency to run ads, you’re hiring a team that supports you in taking your whole business to the next level.

What guarantee can you give me that this will work?

​Something Emily always says is this: “Marketing always works.​ It’s just a matter of playing the long game.” Our team specializes in results – but we’re not in this to make our clients ‘quick money.’ We set you up to grow and scale and to KEEP growing and scaling. Sometimes that means our clients don’t see results within the first month, but we take the lessons and apply them to the next month. We are always optimizing and testing to make sure your results are the best they can be.

The question is are you ready to play the long game or not? If not, then we are not the agency for you.

How do you measure success?

​This is one of the first questions we ask our clients and as a part of The Hirsh Enrollment Process, when you sign on as a client, we have your first strategy call and define what success will look like for YOU and your business. We then give our clients projections for their first 30, 60 and 90 days with us so that we all can track and measure success based on those projections.

How quickly before I see a ROI?

​We typically tell our clients that they can expect to see ROI within their first 90 days with us, but ideally much sooner. For some clients that looks like their first 30 days, for some their first 60 days, others see results in their first week with us. We are consistently testing and optimizing to get you the best results possible​, and applying the lessons we learn to your accounts. It all depends where you’re starting when you come to us with how quickly we can get you ROI. If you have a new funnel it will most likely require testing and tweaking and we handle that for you.

Will you manage my funnel and ad?

​We will! We monitor the results of your landing pages and email open rates along with your ad campaigns. From there we make suggestions on what you need to do on your end to increase conversions once a potential lead clicks on your ad. Or alternatively, you can hire our team to manage your funnels in addition to your ads.

What happens if this doesn’t work and I don’t see results?

Every client signs a 90 day contract at the beginning of their time with us. If for whatever reason you want to leave after those 90 days, you are free to terminate your contract with us. However, you are bound to honor our contract for the first 90 days of our time together. We have a 95% client retention rate and the reason why we have such a high success rate is because we only take on clients we KNOW we can help. It’s not a matter of will it work for you, it’s when. We will make it work for you regardless by continuously testing & tweaking your funnel and strategy until it does.

Will I have a point of contact that I will be in contact with during our contract?

​Yes you will. You will be informed of your main point of contact, your assigned ads manager, within one day of your initial strategy call.​

How much should I expect to spend in ads (minimum)?

We usually recommend a minimum monthly budget of $5,000 to start because that’s enough to get data and bodies into your funnel. We will confirm and finalize your budget on your Hirsh Marketing strategy call and what we expect to profit off of that budget.

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